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Hey Umdalum,

Found your blog through Uncle Keith and Daisy Fae. Being a native born Canuck, I just had to leave a comment on this one, even though I don't follow or watch NHL hockey any more. I was a fan back in the days of the original six - mostly a Habs fan when I was a kid and like most Canadian males, grew up playing the game. I retired from beer league hockey just a few years ago, but have been getting the itch to play again. I guess it never leaves the blood, eh?

Good stories you have about Lord Stanley's cup. And good pick on the lyrics - although it's way better when you hear ole Stompin' Tom actually belting them out.

Oh, and I currently live just outside of Edmonton. However, I've never been an Oiler fan. Just can't stand 'em; like 'em even less living amongst and working with a bunch of die-hard Oiler fans who can't get over the "dynasty" of the late 80's. They even still have the sign "City of Champions" on the entrances to Edmonton, if you can believe it.


Rob, welcome!

I'm a native Pennsylvanian and a Pens fan and the Habs are scary good this year - I'm hoping for an upset somewhere along the line.

I don't play as much as I used too but will still suit up for a beer league game every so often. If you've read down into my blog you know I have an 11 year old who is turning into a pretty good little goalie. He's a 6th grader and the high school coach has already told him he'll make the team as the #2 goalie once he hits 8th grade (8th graders can play HS here).

As for the Oilers, any team that puts their sweather on Pronger is a team I could care less for....

Don't be a stranger!



There is a replica of the Cup outside the United Cycle shop in Edmonton. Just saw it today when we were shopping for a new bike. Didn't know the lore though despite my hockey playing husband though he doesn't follow the big leagues anymore.

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