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"dreadful selfish crime"...

the only thing that comes to my mind is my father-in-law (my late 1st wife's dad) who, at 73 years of age, looks beyond 90. He spent his life drinking and "partying" (mother-in-law divorced when my wife was 13 or 14) and smoking. Now he has recurrent metastatic kidney cancer in his hip and back and possibly his brain. He's been sent to the city for radiation to relieve the pain, but I just found out he fell this morning and broke a hip.

I don't know what my late wife would say were she here today. It doesn't seem right to say "I told you so" when the guy is pretty much knockin' on death's door now.

Talk about dreadful selfish crime.


great song. i think every musician has at least one year like that...

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